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Valeria Fabre, MD

Valeria Fabre, MD

Valeria Fabre, MD

Valeria Fabre, MD

Valeria Fabre, MD, is an internal medicine physician affiliated with the Care New England Medical Group. Her clinical interests include women’s health and general infectious diseases. Dr. Fabre is accepting new patients (English & Spanish).

Phone: (401) 729-2500


Internal Medicine Practice Relocates

The physicians with the Care New England Medical Group Internal Medicine Pawtucket practice (formerly Affinity Internal Medicine Pawtucket) are relocating from their office at 174 Armistice Blvd., Pawtucket, into the Internal Medicine Clinic at Memorial Hospital. The move, which includes the practices of Drs. Valeria Fabre and Carolina Fonseca-Valencia, will be effective October 17, 2016. The phone number of the practice will remain (401) 729-2500.

Dr. Viren D’Sa Earns $6.2 Million to Participate in National Echo Study

Two Care New England hospitals – Memorial Hospital and Women & Infants Hospital – are among 35 pediatric cohorts who will together enroll more than 50,000 children to study the early environmental origins of health outcomes. The initial award to Memorial is a two-year grant of $6.2 million, and $4.9 million over two years to Women & Infants.

Man Travels from Thailand to Memorial for Sleep Expert

Eden Weinmann hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in 30 years. Scoliosis arcs his spine into a dramatic 103-degree curve, making it difficult to breathe when he would lie down to sleep. When he did drift off, the curvature triggered gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), high blood pressure and a pressing need to urinate several times a night, all of which would disrupt his rest. Details

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