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Childbirth Education

Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby. This is such an exciting and special time in your life. Memorial Hospital offers a variety of classes and services designed to help address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

Educational programs are held in the evenings at Memorial Hospital. All programs are scheduled according to your due date. To ensure satisfactory placement, please register by mail or online no later than the fifth month of your pregnancy.

Memorial Hospital ofrece las clases para el para el parto en español. Para mas información o para recibir los materials de registratción, por fovor llame al: (401) 729-2334.


Financial arrangements can be made on an individual basis. RIte Care covers the costs of all programs. Some other insurances also cover some of the classes; please ask when registering. Programs are open to all expectant mothers and their families regardless of the hospital selected for delivery.

Call the Prenatal Education Department to register for any of the classes listed below (401) 729-2334.

Prepared Childbirth Classes

Fee: $100 per couple or person.
A series of two-hour classes preparing new parents for their birth experience. Topics include the physical and emotional preparation for birth, signs and stages of labor, relaxation and breathing techniques, medications, role of the coach, and your hospital experience. Birth films and a tour of the hospital are included. Participants are encouraged to bring a support person such as a husband, boyfriend, mother, sister or friend.

Can't come to class? We'll come to you!

Our new online childbirth class is the perfect alternative for busy parents needing a flexible class schedule or for moms on bed rest. Have you given birth before? This online class is a great refresher course! While nothing can replace the personal connection of an on-site childbirth class, you’ll learn the same essential information, including what’s happening to your changing body, how you’ll know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners, an overview of medical procedures, and much more.

Register for the course here.

Refresher Class

Fee: $28 per couple or person.
A two-hour class for expectant parents who have previously attended prepared childbirth classes. Included in the discussions will be relaxation and breathing techniques, medication, adjustment and sibling issues. A birth film and hospital tour are included.

Breastfeeding Class

Fee: $40 per couple or person.
A two-hour discussion for parents who would like more information on breastfeeding. Topics include advantages, preparing for nursing, minimizing challenges, pumping and storing milk, returning to work and weaning.

Sibling Tour

We give an age appropriate tour of the Birthing Center for you and any children ages 3-10.

Infant CPR Class

Fee: $40 per couple or person.
Would you know what to do if your child started choking or had difficulty breathing? This 90-minute class is for all parents, grandparents, or care providers. Each participant will learn how to administer CPR to an infant or young child in an emergency situation.

Newborn Care/Early Parenting

Fee: $50 per couple or person.
Learn to care for your new baby with confidence and discover what to expect during the early weeks.

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