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Jason Mallette, DPM
Jason Mallette, DPM
Co-founder of the Children's Foot Center of Rhode Island

Dr. Mallette is part of South County Foot and Ankle with practices in Warwick and Wakefield.
Stephen Rogers, DPM
Stephen Rogers, DPM
Co-founder of the Children's Foot Center of Rhode Island

Dr. Rogers is part of The Foot and Ankle Institute of New England with practices in Warwick, Middletown and Fall River.

Your Child’s Foot Health

As an integral part of the pediatric care team at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, the Children’s Foot Center of Rhode Island’s mission is to aid in the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of many conditions that affect the legs and feet. Memorial’s Children’s Foot Center focuses on developmental foot conditions including:

  • Congenital flatfoot.
  • Metatarsus adductus.
  • Toe walking.
  • In/out toeing.
  • Pediatric bunions.

Many lifelong foot problems begin in childhood and early detection and intervention can impact the progress of these disorders.

Your Child’s Signs of Discomfort

Children can experience an array of foot and leg problems and these may not always be associated with pain. Because their muscles and bones are still forming and growing, children are known to be more flexible and resilient than adults.

Leg or foot pain is usually indicative of an underlying problem but there are other signs and symptoms that may warrant a thorough biomechanical exam. For example, children may have frequent injuries secondary to falling. Tripping frequently could be due to an abnormal gait pattern. You may also notice your child not wanting to participate in physical activities, such as sports or outdoor recreation, due to an inability to run properly. Kids with pain when they run often get discouraged when participating in such activities.

Common Complaints

  • In-toeing/Out-toeing: In-toeing, or pigeon toeing, is caused by a curved foot (metatarsus adductus), twisted shin (internal tibial torsion) or a twisted thigh bone (femoral anteversion). This is commonly seen in both feet and more common in girls than boys. Out-toeing can be caused by a twisted shin (external tibial torsion). It usually occurs on one foot and it affects boys and girls equally.
  • Flatfoot: This is a condition seen when the arches of the child’s foot collapse. This is due to over pronation (a tendency of the foot to tilt toward the middle of the body. it can cause foot and knee pain.) Several treatments can be considered including stretching, bracing, orthotics and rarely surgical correction.


Whether your child has a current problem or you just wish to have an overall assessment of his/her feet, podiatrists have the expert knowledge and care to understand the cause of your child’s ailment in order to provide the most effective cure.

Brown University affiliated clinicians and residents are available by appointment every other Friday morning from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Appointments can be made at any time by calling the Children’s Foot Center of Rhode Island at (401) 729-2582.

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