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Early in the intern year, residents meet with the program directors and their faculty mentor to discuss career goals and plan their curriculum. Residents’ relationship with their faculty mentor is the foundation of our mentorship program.

Residents have 13 four-week rotations a year.

Sample Intern (PGY1) Year
  • Night Float (1).
  • ICU (1).
  • VA (1).
  • Inpatient floors (4).
  • Geriatrics (1).
  • Emergency Department (1).
  • Neurology (1).
  • Outpatient (1)*.
  • Electives (2).
Sample Senior (PGY2 and PGY3) Year
  • VA (1).
  • Medical consult (1).
  • Cardiology (1).
  • ICU (2).
  • Ambulatory Block (1)*.
  • Team Leader (.5).
  • Night Float (.5).
  • Day Float (1).
  • Emergency Medicine (1).
  • Electives (3-4)**.

*Residents have their continuity clinics during elective and outpatient blocks. We limit residents to one or two continuity clinics when they are on the floors.

**Senior residents may have a total of two away-electives during their residency. Optional electives include Research and Global Health (in conjunction with Brown University programs in the Dominican Republic, Kenya, and Vietnam).

Outpatient Medicine

Residents provide the highest quality longitudinal and patient-centered ambulatory care for patients in the clinic and the community through the principles of chronic disease and population health management by caring for their own panel of patients with common and complex diseases across multiple care settings.

In addition to their continuity sessions, residents spend time providing outpatient care during their Ambulatory and Team Leader blocks. These are important block rotations that allow for other learning opportunities such as participation in the QI curriculum, home visits, population health management didactics and reading assignments. At Memorial Hospital, residents are assigned to one of two firms where they work under the guidance of a dedicated preceptor.

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