If I decide to send my mother to New Horizons, would I have to send her five days/week?

No, you do not have to. However, we do recommend that your loved one attend at least two days per week, to establish familiar social connections and consistency in routine. Her schedule and how often she attends is for you both to decide. (*New Horizons is open M-F, 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Since my father’s stroke, he has difficulty feeding himself and getting to the bathroom. Can someone like him go to New Horizons?

Yes. Adult day centers are designed specifically for people with physical and/or mental limitations. New Horizon’s staff includes five certified nursing aides and two registered nurses that are trained to assist with personal care, feedings, and ambulation.

Since my wife developed Alzheimer’s she seems to have difficulty doing much of anything. Won’t she be frustrated by the activities at the center?

Adult day centers offer plenty of activities, especially for people with Alzheimer’s and other similar conditions. Participants are grouped by their abilities and their interests. The goal of our program is to engage people in activities they can enjoy and offer them things to do that they can complete successfully.

I hired a home health aide that comes in everyday to stay with my dad, fix him lunch, and generally look after him. Isn’t that better than sending him out to a center?

For some people it may be, but many elders really enjoy being around a group of people—particularly people who share their tastes, values, and memories. Many people who go to adult day centers benefit from the nursing care, exercise programs, special activities/events, as well as, socialization with neighbors from their community.

If I don’t remind her, my mom forgets to take her medication. Will the people at an adult day center help us with that?

Yes. Adult day centers have registered nurses on staff to make sure that participants take their medications as needed. These RNs also monitor things like blood sugar levels, dietary restrictions, and vital signs.