Alfredo C. Cordova

Release Date: 09/16/2014

Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island announces the opening of The Comprehensive Hernia Center, offering all the care patients with hernias need in the region’s only integrated, multidisciplinary facility.

The Comprehensive Hernia Center is led by surgeons Peter S. Gill, MD, FACS, surgeon-in-chief at Memorial, and Alfredo C. Cordova, MD, both members of Affinity Physicians, an affiliate of Care New England Health System. The center offers highly specialized care for people with all types of hernias, including all the latest treatments in hernia surgery, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

“This is the only place where a patient with a hernia can find expert surgical care as well as access to a comprehensive group of medical professionals, including wound care specialists, nutritionists, physical therapists, pain service specialists, gastroenterologists and diagnostic imaging specialists,” Dr. Gill explains.

A hernia forms when an organ in the body pushes through an opening in the muscle or tissue that is there to hold it in place. Hernias usually happen in the abdomen, but they can also appear in the thigh, belly button and groin. Most hernias are not life-threatening but they will not go away on their own and if they are not taken care of, they can cause health problems later on.

“Surgery isn’t always the answer. Some patients may feel relief from dietary changes or other lifestyle modifications,” adds Dr. Cordova, who is Spanish speaking. “We provide both medical and surgical approaches to caring for all types of abdominal cavity hernias and carefully tailor the approach to each patient’s needs.”

Both doctors – the only two in Rhode Island who are part of the American Hernia Society Quality Collaborative - specialize in the most advanced minimally invasive techniques (laparoscopy), which affords patients a quicker recovery, shorter hospital stays, reduced recurrence rate, decreased pain and infection rate, and a quicker return to regular activities.

The Comprehensive Hernia Center cares for the following types of hernia:
  • Umbilical – a hernia under the belly button that can often be repaired under sedation
  • Inguinal – the most common hernia, this is located in the groan and can be fixed under sedation or general anesthesia, possibly laparoscopically
  • Ventral – hernias that usually result from earlier surgery on the abdomen; surgery is usually done laparoscopically but can also be done with a combination of open and laparoscopic techniques
  • Diaphragmatic – these are hiatal hernias and other defects in the diaphragm separating the chest from the abdomen; this could include surgery to correct acid reflux
  • Femoral, lumbar, obturator, spigelian hernias
  • Recurrent – hernias can come back, even if the first repair was the best possible, because of wound healing issues, infection, chronic overuse, smoking or other factors

Patients can be referred to The Comprehensive Hernia Center by their primary care physician or can self-refer for a consultation. For more information or an appointment, call (401) 729-3500 or visit

About Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island
Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, a Care New England hospital, is a 294-bed hospital that serves as the major teaching affiliate of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and the chief site for the medical school's primary care academic program. Research focuses on primary care and disease prevention, including osteoarthritis, heart disease, cancer, pulmonary function, maternal and child health and women’s health issues.

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About Affinity Physicians, LLC Affinity Physicians, LLC, is a multi-specialty group of surgeons, primary care physicians and medical subspecialists through the Care New England Health System. The purpose of Affinity is to integrate the delivery and quality of care for patients in our communities. For more information on Affinity Physicians, please contact the Care New England Physician Organization at (401) 737-7000, extension 31358.

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