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Instructions for Patients Scheduled for In-Center Overnight Tests

  • Please park in the Memorial Hospital Emergency Room Parking Lot. and arrive at 7 p.m. Report to the Emergency Room desk clerk where a security guard will show you to the Admitting Office. PLEASE BE SURE TO BRING THE BLUE ER ADMITTING SLIP AND GIVE IT TO THE ER CLERK AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE. From there, you will be directed to the Wood Building (5th Floor) where the sleep studies are conducted. Please do not try to locate the Sleep Center by yourself, as you must bring the registration paperwork with you to the Center.

  • Please shower before your admission and bring with you your choice of sleep garments. We suggest a nightgown/robe, loose fitting t-shirt, pajama top and pajama bottom or loose fitting outdoor shorts. Please NO sweat shirts or sweat pants as we will be fitting stretchy belts over your clothing.

  • Please do not wear any jewelry to the Center and if you wear nail polish remove it prior to arrival because it may cause equipment to give a false test reading. If you take any medications or vitamins, please bring them with you to the study so that we may record them in you record.

  • CPAP/BiPAP users need to bring in your mask/headgear and long tubing even if you presently do not use them.

You will be awakened by 6 a.m. and are free to leave once the technician indicates your study is complete.