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Visitor Information
Visiting hours
Family and friends can visit you whenever possible unless your health limits visitors or you ask us to restrict visitors. Guidelines for most areas of the hospital include:
  • Two visitors per patient are suggested at a time, especially if there is more than one patient in a room.
  • Children under 10 can visit patients in any unit if they come with an adult who can watch them and the visit is coordinated with the nursing staff.
  • Overnight stays must be coordinated with the nurse manager.
  • In an emergency, we may need to change or suspend visiting hours.

We allow coaches and support people in our labor and delivery rooms.

  • Siblings of a newborn must come with an adult other than the mother, who can watch them.
  • If your baby stays in the nursery after you are discharged, you and your significant other can visit at any time as long as you are wearing an identification band that matches the baby’s. We have a parent room for overnights at no charge.

Visitors may need to put on masks, gloves and gowns to visit if you are placed in isolation. This is to protect you, other patients and staff when certain diseases if we suspect or know you have a specific illness. We also want your visitors to wash their hands when they come into the room.  If you are isolation, there will be a sign posted on your door asking visitors to wear protective gear. 

Other information for visitors 

  • Waiting areas for visitors are near patient units. Your visitors can ask your nurse to help them find the nearest waiting area
  • The cafeteria is on the ground floor of the Wood Building. You can ask the nurse for the hours it is open.
  • A coffee shop is located off the main lobby in the Sayles Building with vending machines full of hot and cold food and drinks. More vending machines are next to the waiting area in the Emergency Department.
  • Guest trays for visitors may be purchased for $10 each.  The guest trays may be paid for 1) at the Cashier's Office in the Main Lobby, 2) in the Cafeteria, or 3) by giving payment to the Guest Representative.  The receipt for payment must be given to the Guest Rep when the meal is delivered.  You may order a guest tray by calling the Call Center at ext. 3438 (DIET).
  • Tobacco use is not allowed on the hospital campus to improve community health, well-being and safety, Visitors who wish to use tobacco products need to leave the property to do so.
  • A gift shop is in the main lobby. It stocks fresh flowers, cards, snacks and gifts for all ages. It is open from 10 am to 7 pm. Weekend hours vary. Click here for more information.
  • Latex balloons can cause serious allergic reactions in some people so we cannot allow at the hospital. Mylar balloons are fine.
Our affiliates provide primary and ambulatory care services at the following sites:
Notre Dame Ambulatory Center 
Primary Care Center of Quality Hill
 arrow_right.pngSoutheastern Medical Center
Women's Health Care Specialists
New Horizons - Adult Day Health Center

The federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) outlines strict rules for hospitals and other healthcare providers to follow to protect the privacy of patients.

Callers to Memorial's Patient Information Desk at (401) 729-2322, including family members, will be given only a statement about a patient's general health condition. Friends and famiy members may call a patient directly if the patient has made arrangements for telephone service in his or her room.

Because of patient confidentiality, staff members on the Maternity Unit cannot give out information over the telephone regarding a patient’s admission, room number, labor progress, time of baby’s birth, or the baby’s sex or weight.

Under HIPAA guidelines, patients also have the right to choose not to be listed in our patient information directory. In that case, we are not allowed to even confirm that a patient is here. This also can prevent incoming telephone calls and the delivery of flowers and mail.

Family and friends are encouraged to visit you in the hospital whenever possible unless your condition limits visitors or you request visitor restrictions. Your healthcare team wants to ensure that you receive adequate rest, as well as the necessary support from your loved ones.
Have a Question? Call 1-800-647-4362 to speak with our physician referral service


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