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Planning Your Discharge
Patients usually are discharged (leave the hospital) between 11 am and 1 pm, except on the Maternity Unit. The person taking you home must stop at the Business Office in the main lobby before going to your room. The Business Office will give that person a discharge form to show your nurse. Remember to pick up any valuables from the hospital's safe before you leave.

Home Care
Post-hospital services are arranged by the Continuing Care team that works in conjunction with you, your family, your attending physician and nurse to determine any need for and access to services. If you qualify for home care services, the continuing care nurse will provide you with a list of available home care providers so that you may choose an agency.  These services will be arranged before you leave the hospital.

The hospital has its own fully accredited home care agency (Memorial Hospital Home Care), which offers comprehensive home care services including skilled nursing, intravenous therapy, wound care, nutrition services, home health aides and rehabilitation services. These services are available seven days a week. For additional information, ask your nurse to call (401) 312-2500.

Memorial Hospital depends on timely payment of patient bills to allow us to continue to serve our community. All balances not covered by your medical insurance are payable at the time of your discharge.

The hospital has several programs available to assist patients with payments, and we can establish reasonable payment plans for balances due. For more information, please call a patient account representative at (401) 729-2632 or (401) 729-2120.
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