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On the Day Before Your Child’s Surgery

There will be a time before surgery when your child cannot eat or drink. The nurse you speak with the day before surgery will give you specific fasting information based on the scheduled time of surgery.
  • Infants – Infants who take breast milk should fast for four hours and infants on formula should fast for six hours before procedures that require general anesthesia.
  • Toddlers – For procedures requiring general anesthesia, toddlers may have clear liquids (water, fruit juice without pulp, clear tea and black coffee). They may not have any solid food or non-human milk for six hours before the procedure.

On the Day of Your Child’s Surgery

Park in the lot to the left of the main driveway on Brewster Street and come in through the main entrance. Register at Admitting off the main lobby on the first floor. The Pediatric One-Day Surgery area is on the Pediatric Unit on Wood 4.  

  • Prepare your child about what to expect to ease his or her fears.
  • Bring a special toy, blanket or pacifier with your child. You should also bring an extra set of clothes and underwear, formula and diapers.
  • Plan to stay with your child before and after the surgery to keep him or her calm. You will be busy with your child having surgery, so please do not bring other children to the hospital with you.
  • One family caregiver over the age of 18 can go into the operating room until the child is asleep.
  • The family can be with the child in the recovery room. Know that children recovering from anesthesia can be cranky.
  • Pediatric patients are taken to the Pediatric Unit to recover and get ready to go home.
  • Please have another adult help you take your child home after surgery if possible. That way, one person can drive while the other takes care of the child.

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